Wow Saffron, apple, cashew… Gujarat farms turn exotic

26 Apr


Farmers of Gujarat are now challenging nature. Despite water shortage in the state, many farmers have been successful in growing crops like apples, saffron and cashew which are difficult to grow in water-deficient states like Gujarat. It needs lots of water and for which Gujarat’s climate is not at all favourable.

Yet some enterprising farmers have experimented and succeeded in growing these crops despite the unfavourable climatic conditions.

Businessman Rustom Cama has recently grown around 100 apple trees on his arid farmland near Mount Abu. The apples grown on his farm were of good quality.

As for saffron, AAU has grown this spice in greenhouses on its farm in Anand. The officials say that the quality of saffron grown in Gujarat is as good as that of saffron grown in Kashmir.

In Saursahtra and South Gujarat, farmers have been successful in growing cashew nut. Bharat Patel, one of the farmers cultivating cashew in Halvad, said he had grown around 150 cashew trees on his farm.

Source: DNA


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