Asia’s biggest cattle feed factory – Katarava Cattle Feed Plant.

16 Apr

Chief Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated Asia’s biggest cattle feed factory – Katarava Cattle Feed Plant – managed by the north Gujarat’s Banas dairy. The plant, having capacity of producing 1000 ton of cattle feed per day, has been set up by the Banas dairy at the cost of Rs.140 crore. On the occasion the Chief Minister expressed resolve to put Gujarat on the forefront in the field of dairy and animal husbandry.

The chief minister said the milk collection in Banas dairy has increased from 3.5 lakh liters in 2001 to 35 lakh liters now. “Is this not development? But it’s futile to expect that those who defame Gujarat by spreading lies will ever change their mindset. The people of Gujarat has already taught them lesson”, he said.

Image Narendra Modi said the Gujarat government has organized over 30,000 cattle health fair and eradicated about 121 cattle diseases. The government has also provided dental treatment to the animals and done their cataract operations. “Now the animals will be given orthopedic treatments too”. Due to the cattle health initiatives the milk production has increased by a record 68%, he added.


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