Now everywhere economic issues of Gujarat are being discussed: CM at book release function

5 Apr


Speaking at the release of a book by Odisha based industrialist Mr. R P Gupta, Narendra Modi stated, “It has been observed that most of the Budgets etc. focus on output; how much was spent on this, how much was spent on that etc. But, our focus should be outcome, not output,” the Chief Minister affirmed. The book, written by Mr. Gupta is titled ‘Turn Around India.’

Mr. Modi stated that there are schemes and initiatives but along with that we need socio-political analysis of their impact. ‘’Earlier, discussions on economic development were limited to academic world. It was not even covered in the general news. Now there is a big change. Everywhere economic issues are being discussed and this is a very big thing.” Modi expressed joy that Gujarat played a leading role in ensuring that the issue of development comes to the fore.

Modi opined, “These days there is a healthy competition between states for development. The more this increases, the better it is.” He further pointed that delegations from various states, universities and nations come to Gujarat as well to study the development practices. They also visit other states.

The CM shared that we prefer doing things in fragments rather than doing them as a whole. He asked, “We could have built our power plants near to the places where there was coal. Then focused on the grid. Would it not have been economical?” Likewise, he said, “2/3rd of India is coastal. But have we thought about transport from the sea from one port to another? If someone wishes to send something from Kandla to Vishakhapatnam, why cannot it happen through the sea?” He stressed on the strengthening of human resources and skill development and affirmed that the country has everything; it only needs to be harnessed effectively.


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