Balancing Development and Economic Growth

3 Apr

Advocating exchange of technologies amongst the countries for maximum productivity from minimum usage of natural resources, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi said that we have to use our resources in a manner that the same is available in equal or greater measure for the posterity.

Delivering the key note address on “Leadership in an Emerging Nation: Balancing Development and Economic Growth” organized by the European Business Group in Delhi, Mr. Modi said that “Unto The Last” is the best guiding principle for balancing economic growth and development. However, we have mis-interpreted it to mean just ‘trickle down’ of wealth and development. What we need is the models of development where people are not just beneficiaries, rather they are made equal partners in the process of development. People should be part of the development cycle in the beginning, not at the end.


Modi said that Gujarat has emerged as the Growth Engine of India not only because it contributes immensely in its economic growth but actually the bigger success is that it has an amazing mix of the big and small; robust and inclusive; fast and yet sustainable. Gujarat’s growth rate of GDP has been double digits for a decade, similarly the people have also grown at the fastest rate of 13.8%. Not only multinationals and big companies have done well, but a large number of SMEs have also prospered. Not only the industry has grown at 13% but agriculture has also grown at 9.6%, he appraised.

He said if we want economic growth to be pervasive, make people its partners and work with environment. India has the power of new energy in the form of its youth and strength of its tradition in the form of its caring culture.

Gujarat CM also outlined the achievement of the State Government which include Jyoti Gram Yojna, Chiranjeevi Yojna, excellent work in water harvesting and good governance etc.


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