Gujarat extends the Vanbandhu Kalyan Yojna for the tribal people’s economic empowerment by five years.

2 Apr

Enthused by the success of four-year-old Vanbandhu Kalyan Yojna, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi  directed all the departments concerned to prepare 2nd Generation Advance Planning for qualitative improvement of tribal people living in the forest areas during the next five years.


Addressing the state-level Vanbandhu Kalyan Yojna Review Committee, Mr. Modi said the objective of the novel project is to make the tribal people self-reliant, rather than force them to be perpetually dependent on the government assistance. The project has deservedly drawn the attention of the entire country too, he said.

Out of Rs.15,000-crore earmarked for the five-year programme during the last four years, he said, over Rs.12,907-crore has already been spent with visible results. It is being extended by another five years.

The project has helped 2.37-lakh tribal in skill development and 86,300 youth self-employed, resulting in 3.45-lakh tribal families rising above the Below Poverty Level (BPL). So far 145 secondary schools and 33 technical centres have been opened in tribal areas. While 1.95-lakh tribal people have been brought under pension scheme, 2.75-lakh BPL families have been provided pucca houses.


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