US recognises Gujarat miracle..

1 Apr

The 15-member US delegation, during its meeting with Narendra Modi, acknowledged the faster and more inclusive development model of Gujarat. The US delegations praised Modi’s efforts towards making a difference in people’s lives and were clearly impressed with the Gujarati work culture nurtured under Modi’s leadership. More specifically, it was Modi’s principle of ‘minimum government, maximum governance’ that impressed them.

The delegation invited Modi to their country and requested him to show them what he has achieved in Gujarat. “People of the US are keen to work with Gujarat and they are impressed by the way the State had facilitated investment,” said by Aaron Schock.

Another member of the delegation said, “Tremendous economic opportunity as well as fight against corruption has taken place as a success story in Gujarat under Narendra Modi’s leadership.” Making a reference to the current economic crisis faced by the US, Gingrich said, “If we had Gujarat’s growth rates over the last 10 years, we would have been a lot healthier country than we are right now.”

Image Modi however, silenced his critics by successfully putting Gujarat on the path of peace and development — a model which is being recognised worldwide. Western nations are now making a beeline to Gujarat. This is a testimony to the fact that the world has started recognising the Gujarat model of development. Narendra Modi is no longer a politician. His work has transformed him into a statesman. He is emerging as a world leader.


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