1.25 Lakh Sakhi-Mandals to undertake economic and saving activities

30 Mar

Narendrabhai Modi has expressed his firm commitment to strengthen the base of Sakhi Mandals in the State. Sakhi Mandals are taking up economic activates, it may not only offer the economic benefits, but also get them free from the grip of private money lenders, who are charging heavy interests.


Around 15 lakh women are currently active under 1.25 Sakhi Mandals in the State; they administer the fund of Rs. 400 Crores, under the State Government Scheme, through Bank Linkage. In the coming days, State wants to enhance the funding; Chief Minister envisioned the fund of Rs.1000 Crores being administered by them. He was addressing the Garib Kalyan Mela at Dehgam today.

Under the leadership of Shri Narendrabhai Modi, by implementing the benchmarks of Good Governance, Gujarat has provided best example to the nation. Good Governance matters, it has shown that how best it can serve, how best it can deliver. Advanijee gave compliments to Narendrabhai Modi and his Government for the Kalyan Yatra.


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