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CM discusses avenues of economic cooperation between Gujarat & Latin American, Caribbean nations

30 Mar

A seven-member delegation of Latin American and Caribbean countries met Chief Minister Narendra Modi and discussed ways to develop economic and trade relations with the state and their region. The delegation was deeply impressed with Gujarat’s all round development.


The delegation comprised Ambassadors Carlos Duarte of Brazil, Javier Paullinich of Peru, Jaime Nualart of Mexico, Juan F. Corodero A. of Costa Rica, Ruben Ignacio Zamora Rivas of Al Salvador, Hans Deninburg of Dominic Republic and Counsel Minister of Chile Nestor Riveros.

During the meeting with Shri Modi the members of the delegation expressed their willingness to develop economic and trade relations with the state. Shri Modi during the meeting with the Latin American and Caribbean countries delegates suggested setting up Trade Centre, SEZ for Wood-Timber-Marble in Gujarat. This along with other industrial projects evinced keen interest among the members of the delegation.

They also invited Shri Modi and a business delegation from Gujarat to explore trade possibilities in their countries. During the interaction, Shri Modi spoke about possibilities of jointly set up a Trade Centre in Gujarat, which could be immensely beneficial for both the Gujarat and the respective nations. He threw light on the investment opportunities in low-cost, high-quality manufacturing and value addition projects in the state.

Mr. Modi invited them to participate in the Gujarat’s unique ‘Festival of Nine Nights’, called ‘Navratri Mahotsav’ and Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors’ Summit.


1.25 Lakh Sakhi-Mandals to undertake economic and saving activities

30 Mar

Narendrabhai Modi has expressed his firm commitment to strengthen the base of Sakhi Mandals in the State. Sakhi Mandals are taking up economic activates, it may not only offer the economic benefits, but also get them free from the grip of private money lenders, who are charging heavy interests.


Around 15 lakh women are currently active under 1.25 Sakhi Mandals in the State; they administer the fund of Rs. 400 Crores, under the State Government Scheme, through Bank Linkage. In the coming days, State wants to enhance the funding; Chief Minister envisioned the fund of Rs.1000 Crores being administered by them. He was addressing the Garib Kalyan Mela at Dehgam today.

Under the leadership of Shri Narendrabhai Modi, by implementing the benchmarks of Good Governance, Gujarat has provided best example to the nation. Good Governance matters, it has shown that how best it can serve, how best it can deliver. Advanijee gave compliments to Narendrabhai Modi and his Government for the Kalyan Yatra.


Dholera Special Investment Region.

29 Mar

Dholera SIR on DMIC-DFC route being developed as global model for urban and Economic Development.

ERIA Founder Mr. Hidetoshi Nishimura holds fruitful discussion with CM

29 Mar

Mr. Hidetoshi Nishimura, Executive Director and founder of Economic Research Institute for ASEAN & East Asia (ERIA), a leading international research organization, met Chief Minister Narendra Modi today and had fruitful discussions on forging partnership between Gujarat and ERIA for human resource development and skill development among technical professionals. Established in Jakarta of Indonesia, ERIA has a network in 16 Asian countries for economical research and for creating a pool of technical professionals.

Impressed by the rapid growth of Gujarat’s manufacturing sector and strong partnership between Japan and Gujarat for industrial development, Mr. Hidetoshi Nishimura expressed keenness in tying up with Gujarat for human resource development in automobile manufacturing sector.


The Chief Minister expressed the state government’s determination for lending full co-operation to the educational institute of ERIA, which is engaged in producing technological professionals. He also expressed desire that the state’s Gujarat Technological University (GTU) and ERIA join hands for human resource development in the field of technology.

Mr. Hidetoshi Nishimura lauded the Chief Minister’s vision behind the development of Gujarat’s automobile manufacturing sector. Even as the state is emphasizing specifically on the skill development, Mr. Nishimura suggested to jointly organize a symposium on skill development. The Chief Minister welcomed Mr. Nishimura’s suggestion and also lauded the co-operation extended by JETRO and ERIA.

Mr. Nishimura thanked the Chief Minister for holding the fruitful meet. Secretary to Industries M. Sahu, Secretary to the Chief Minister A.K. Sharma and Managing Director of iNDEXT-b was also present during the meet.

Narendra Modi’s Gujarat contributes over 7% to India GDP

28 Mar


Gujarat is Top State in Economic Freedom

28 Mar

Gujarat is the top state in economic freedom! This the Economic Freedom of the States of India 2012 report says. It estimates the economic freedom in the 20 biggest Indian States based on the date for 2011. The report has demonstrated significant differences in economic governance that exist in India and has focused on state level reforms to improve inclusive economic growth. The Index is based on 3 parameters-Size of Government, Comparative Study of Legal Structures and Security of Property Rights and Regulation of Labour, Business.

Gujarat displaced Tamil Nadu as the top state with economic freedom and its freedom index score has been raising very fast.

1) On Size of Government : “Gujarat’s is a well-known success story through much of the 2000s.  Moreover it has had major successes in agriculture, social welfare programmes, and water resource management.  All of this is being achieved without an inordinate increase in the size of the government.”

It may be noted that Narendra Modi has served as the state’s Chief Minister for the entire period that is being mentioned by the authors of the report.

2) Comparative Study of Legal Structures and Security : “As Gujarat leaves behind its sordid past of communal violence and destruction, other States are unable to improve security of life and property in the manner required.  This puts a serious question mark on the sustainability of high economic growth in such States.”


Under Shri Modi, this has long become history and the state is scaling new heights of progress as one united team!

3) On Regulation of Labour and Business : Gujarat has witnessed significant improvement in its index values and retains its pre-eminent position in ‘Regulation of Labour and Business.’

According to the report, “Gujarat has significantly improved in its rating from 0.47 in 2005 to 0.64 in 2011, mainly driven by better legal and regulatory performance.”

Chinese envoy keen for cooperation with Gujarat in economic, industrial and social sector, invites Narendra Modi to China.

26 Mar

Chinese High Commissioner to India Mr. Zhang Yan during his meeting with Chief Minister Narendra Modi, expressed his desire for cooperation with a progressive state like Gujarat in economic and industrial sector along with cultural relations.


Besides presenting details of pilgrimage to Kailash Mansarovar next month and setting up the fourth chapter of India-China Economic and Cultural Council in Gujarat, the Chinese envoy invited the Chief Minister for visit to China which the latter accepted.

Mr. Modi briefed Mr. Zhang about lesser known relations between Gujarat and China since the Buddhist period to present day, and also about all round progress of the state in recent times.